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LAB HUB was founded to provide innovative digital and marketing solutions. We aim to satisfy all customers and we do not stop until we reach this objective.

We provide marketing and web design services, such as websites design and development, customer care, community moderation, integrated marketing strategies plan, hosting, CRM, to mention some. We rely on of the most advanced tools and technologies to deliver our services.

Our customer-centric approach makes us able to provide solutions to B2B and B2C partners. No matter the size of your project, of your company, we`re here for you!

Our offer

Find the right client

Targeting is the most important part of any marketing strategy. We analyze your product and run a competitor`s analysis to make a complete benchmark. We find what lets you stand out of the crowd and show it only to potential interested customers. Your conversion rate increase will show the effectiveness of this strategy

Web design

You would like to take your physical business online? E-commerces are more and more popular nowadays. Customers are busy and shopping online make them save time and makes you widen your reach


The secret of success is loyalizing your customers. Never forget about them, but make sure they become repeating customers. Social media, email newsletter, promotions, contests and tailor made flash sales are some of the strategies that can help you getting your customers stick to you for their needs. We can take care of all of that and much more


We are a team of young creatives backed up by a savvy tech equipe. Whatever is your goal we have the ideas and the means to let you reach it.

Test us and you won`t be disappointed. Get in touch!


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